Eacademy is a professional training company. We provide a range of training courses on professional qualification such as ACCA, CIMA as well as other management skills courses.

We provide Virtual / Live Online as well as Online courses. For online courses we use our Learning Management System (LMS) for delivery our training courses. The system contains all the necessary features which are needed by the teachers and students during the educational process It is fully optimized for web and mobile enabling you to get a captivating learning experience across desktops, tablets and smartphones.


Online education gives freedom and pace to different individuals and let them complete the course at their own speed rather than the speed of the class or tutors. It saves your energy, time and money on travel, transportation and high course fee.


All education activities need commitment and self discipline. With online classes sometimes students get relaxed and do not show the self discipline which is needed to complete the course as there is no schedule and they get access to all content at once.

We at EAcademy realize this one drawback and therefore, offer students to choose " Drip Content" feature at our LMS.

When you choose Drip Content you do not get access to all of the course content at once. Rather you start getting access to different chapters and topics at regular intervals. New topics are realeased for you and you get email notification. So in this way the system keeps you engaged, increase interest, improves self discipline and thus results in successful completion of the course.

Drip Content scheduling is set by our experienced instructors who give sufficient time to students to complete particular chapters. In case of small chapters, the next chapter is released the same day or the next day. In case of a longer chapter with many video tutorials, practice question videos and progress tests, students need more time and therefore, the next chapter is released after two or even three days.

This all is set in the system and the system releases automatically at a set time of the day and helps you finish the course in four to six weeks


We are a team of professional trainers, all with professional qualifications and international work experience in their relevant fields with huge teaching experience of ACCA courses.


Competitive environment today demands you to use your resources, such as time and money in most appropriate and beneficial way.Online education makes you more productive by using technology.

  1. Saving your travel time
  2. Saving your transportation costs
  3. Gives you a flexible schedule so that your work schedule or other activities are not disturbed.
  4. No worries for the missed lessons.You can replay and watch again.
  5. All the necessary resources which are needed to pass the exam are collected in one place in an organized manner.
  6. All resources, included videos, have been made or selected by our professional and experience tutors.

The course fee absolutely justify the savings on time and travel cost as well as the flexibility which is offered.

We wish you all the best with your first course and hope that you will continue your ACCA qualification journey with EAcademy.


When you register on any ACCA course you get six months access to the registered course which includes;

1. Detailed video tutorials on each chapter and topic

2. Discussion videos on the topic.

3. Course notes which you can download and read as supplementary material to your text books.

4. Quizzes and Progress Tests.

5. Comment section where you, other students and the tutor can write comments and get feedback.

6. Certificate of completion by EAcademy


For examination preparation courses, such as ACCA and CIMA,we allow six months access, as life long access is usually not needed.


Most of the Udemy courses are of short duration and do not provide full course coverage.Usually there are 6-10 hours of video tutorials for any exam which certainly is not enough. They also do not provide course notes or quizzes or exam discussions which are provided by Vertex Learning Solutions.

This is due to the fact that they are not focused on preparing students for ACCA exams.


Most of our courses have a very reasonable price and deliver value for the money which our clients pay.We keep pricing low so that maximum number of people can get benefit from these training courses.


Complete your registration process, accept terms and conditions.You will then be directed to the payment page where you can pay through VISA or Master Card debit or credit card.You can also pay via bank.


In case you do not like the course for some reason you can claim a refund within fifteen days of your purchase.


The low pricing of our courses makes it affordable for most serious learners.Besides that we also offer time to time discount coupons for students to save money.This all is done to discourage piracy and login sharing.

However, unfortunately sometimes students purchase and then share the course logins with friends.Our system keeps track of logins and users.When the system see some unusual activity on your account we send you a notification.Under extreme cases your account can be suspended and will block all purchased courses. After all, we all agree to condemn piracy.

This however, does not affect the students who are using their accounts from different devices from office, home or even a mobile device. You are free to use your login, on one device at a time. The problem arises when one login is used at several devices at a time.

For all your queries you may contact us at:

[email protected]