How do I apply to be an ACCA student?

Please see our how to apply page for information on how to complete your application. If you're ready to start your application, you can apply to become an ACCA student here.

What are the entry requirements for the ACCA Qualification?

To enrol onto the ACCA Qualification at Fundamentals level you need a relevant secondary school education covering five separate subjects, which must include English and maths.

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What documents do I need to register as a student?

You are required to submit copies of the following:

  • Official educational documents e.g. completion certificates and transcripts detailing the modules studied
  • Proof of identity (copy of birth certificate / passport / National ID Card or driver's licence)
  • Passport-style photograph

Please note that where documents have been issued in a language other than English, we require a photocopy of the original language documents and a copy of an official English translation.

You will be able to upload and attach copies of all documentation to your online application. Please note that in order to fully complete your application online you will be required to pay your registration fee by credit or debit card.

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How long does it take to register as a student?

The online application should take no more than 10 minutes to complete, providing you have all the documents you need ready before you start. You can also save a part-complete application and return to it a later date.

If you complete your application fully online, and we receive all the information and documents we require, you should be registered as a student within 5–7 working days.

If you have to send documents or payment to us by post, you should be registered as a student within 10 working days. Please note this timescale is from receipt of the documents.

We aim to process all applications within the timescales stated above following receipt of the application. You will then be sent a communication via email or letter confirming your application has been processed. Should we require further information to support your application we will contact you.

What fees are payable?

The information below explains what fees are payable by ACCA students, and when these fees must be paid. For a full list of current prices, please visit the fees section of the main ACCA website.

Subscription and registration fees

A subscription fee is charged in addition to the initial registration fee in your first year as an ACCA student if you register before the late entry deadline for the June exam session. The subscription fee is charged as you would be eligible to sit in three out of four exam sessions that year.

We post our exam dates and deadlines in advance as they change each year, but for 2019 it will be 6 May.

Thereafter, your annual subscription fee would be raised in December and due on 1 January each year you wish to remain active on the register.


2019: Registration date 1 February 2019, subscription fee raised 7 May 2019

2020: Subscription fee raised December 2019 due 1 January 2020

Exemption fees

If you are awarded any exemptions, these will be charged at the early exam entry rate for that paper.

Joint exam schemes

Additional fees may apply to register with the relevant Joint Examination Scheme (JES) partner. Please contact the Joint Exam Scheme partner for details. View contact details for JES partners.

Exam entry fees

There is an early, standard and late registration period for each paper exam, and the fee for exams varies depending on the level of the exam, and the period during which you register. Visit the main ACCA website for a full breakdown of exam entry dates and fees.

Tuition fees

If you wish to take tuition via a tuition provider, these fees will be separate and paid directly to the tuition provider. Find out more about studying with a tuition provider.

What exams do I have to take to complete the ACCA Qualification?

In order to complete the ACCA Qualification and qualify as an ACCA member, you will need to complete:

  • 13 exams (students with prior qualifications may be able to claim exemptions from some exams at Fundamentals level)
  • three years' practical work experience
  • the Ethics and Professional Skills module

The exams are as follows:

Applied Knowledge module

Accountant in Business (AB)
Management Accounting (MA)
Financial Accounting (FA)

Applied Skills module

Corporate and Business Law (LW)
Performance Management (PM)
Taxation (TX)
Financial Reporting (FR)
Audit and Assurance (AA)
Financial Management (FM)

Strategic Professional (Essentials)

Strategic Business Leader
Strategic Business Reporting

Strategic Professional (Options)

Advanced Financial Management (AFM)
Advanced Performance Management (APM)
Advanced Taxation (ATX)
Advanced Audit and Assurance (AAA)

In addition to exams you must complete the Practical Experience Requirement (PER) and the Ethics and Professional Skills module:

When do exams take place?

ACCA run four exam sessions per year, and in addition the majority of exams at Foundations level and the Applied Knowledge plus Corporate and Business Law (LW-GLO and LW-ENG) exams of the ACCA Qualification are available as on-demand computer based exams (CBE) which provide students with even greater flexibility and convenience.

Visit the 'important dates' page on the main ACCA website for full details of forthcoming exam cycles.

How do I study for my ACCA exams?

As an awarding body, ACCA relies on its global network of third party tuition providers to help our students prepare for their exams. Please note, ACCA does not provide tuition for its qualifications. ACCA recommends that you use one of our Approved Learning Partners.

For more information please visit ACCA's official website